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Denby Delf

Denby Delf was once a quarry, one of many in Denby Parish. It is also known locally as Mosley Roughs. For many years it has been a nature reserve, a place of recreation for the people of Denby, and a site of scientific interest. In the early 1990s it was owned and managed by Meadowlands Trust Ltd. The history of Meadowlands Trust Ltd can be found in the Charity Commission Inquiry Report.

Since the land was taken as bona vacantia by the Crown in 2005, it has been unmanaged, but there is now a move by the Treasury Solicitor to lease the land to an organisation which will give this unique habitat tender loving care for the future. A public meeting was held in March 2007 to discuss Denby Delf with Kirklees Metropolitan Council and other interested parties, and overwhelming local support was given to the proposal that KMC should manage the land in conjunction with a local management team.

We are still waiting to discover what is to happen to Denby Delf and this website will post the latest information as we receive it.


On 5th August 2007, the Denby Parish Community Action Group, representing Birdsedge, Denby and High Flatts, gained authority from HM Treasury Solicitors via Kirklees Countryside Unit, to take steps to ensure urgent management of Denby Delf. Botanist Jill Lucas was engaged and has completed a survey of plant species within the two top fields. The Three Villages Conservation Group, led by Walter Crossley, removed all the ragwort from the fields on Saturday 10th August 2007. On the recommendation of Jill Lucas the two hay meadows have now been cut by Guy Ellis of Birdsedge. The work is currently ongoing.

Watch this space for more news on Denby Delf.