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The Denby Parish Community Action Group Steering Committee has been meeting monthly in High Flatts since January 2007. Meetings are held at the Friends Meeting House at 19:30 on the last Tuesday of each month. All local residents are very welcome to attend to join in the debate; bring your ideas and concerns and we will discuss them.

Topics under discussion have ranged from the creation of a Community Plan to traffic problems in the three villages. The minutes of each of these meetings are available to download - see below. In addition, we have held occasional public meetings on specific topics. The minutes from these are available on request; please contact the for further information.

Meetings of the Steering Committee

23 January 2007view 29 January 2009view
27 February 2007view 4 March 2009 (Feb meeting)view
20 March 2007view 31 March 2009view
2 April 2007view 28 April 2009view
24 April 2007view 28 May 2009view
29 May 2007view 30 June 2009view
26 June 2007view 28 July 2009view
31 July 2007view 25 August 2009view
28 August 2007view 28 September 2009not yet available
25 September 2007view 27 October 2009not yet available
9 October 2007view 24 November 2009not yet available
30 October 2007view 29 December 2009not yet available
27 November 2007view 26 January 2010not yet available
15 January 2008view 23 February 2010not yet available
12 February 2008view 30 March 2010not yet available
26 February 2008view 27 April 2010not yet available
25 March 2008view 25 May 2010not yet available
29 April 2008view 29 June 2010not yet available
27 May 2008view 27 July 2010not yet available
24 June 2008view 31 August 2010not yet available
29 July 2008view 28 September 2010not yet available
26 August 2008view 26 October 2010not yet available
30 September 2008view 30 November 2010not yet available
28 October 2008view 28 December 2010not yet available
25 November 2008not held
30 December 2008not held

Public Meetings

27 March 2007Held to discuss Denby Delf